Do you ship worldwide? Yes, we do!

Can I pay with Paypal? Yes, we accept Paypal and Bank Transfer.

Do I pay when I make an order? You must do the payment after you make an order but before the wallpaper goes to production.

What is the price per square meter? The price is 50€ per sq meter + shipping cost

How do I calculate de size of my wall if I have a door, a window or a wardrobe on it? You must calculate the full size of the wall as well as the size of the element.

How do I order wallpaper:

1 – Send us the measures you need for your wall so we can tell how much it will cost.
2 – Let us know where you are to quote the shipping cost.
3 – Tell us the name or image number of the wallpaper you want.
4 – After budget approval, see if you like the proposal we send you by email.
5 – If everything is OK, you will then make the payment.
6 – You will receive the package at your door!

Can I change the color of the background of the wallpaper? Yes, some wallpapers can be personalized by changing colors.

Can I personalize the wallpaper by adding a name?  Yes. By adding a name there is an additional cost of 15€ per name. Check our how to order section.

Can I add an item, (balloon, animal, airplane, etc) to the wallpaper? Yes. By adding an item there is an additional cost. Check our how to order section.

Can I remove an item, (balloon, animal, airplane, etc) from the wallpaper? Yes. By removing an item there is an additional cost. Check our how to order section.

How do I hang the wallpaper? You must follow the instructions provided on the Hanging Guide section.

Does it require specific material to place the wallpaper? You must have adhesive paste. For best results we recommend Murabond Light products, but a good quality glue for paper back wallpaper will also do!

How long does it take to hang the wallpaper? It depends on the size of the wall. Let the wallpaper settle for about 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom.

Can I return a wallpaper? We will not accept returns where:

1. More than two lengths are hung where a defect is visible.

2. Any colour changes are caused by hanging over fresh or un-neutralised plaster

3. Damage results from improper wall preparation, adhesive or hanging

4. Damage is due to faulty or careless handling, or using wrong materials.

What preparation is required? You must brush off area to be covered with a stiff bristle brush to remove all dirt and loose material. You must allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the wallpaper. Any holes, cracks or defects in the surface should be filled with a good quality filler, smoothed out and allowed to dry.