Hanging Guide

Before you start:

Make sure that your wallpaper delivery is intact and has not been damaged in transit. For best results use the Murabond products and follow the instructions to the tee.
Make sure that you have adequate lighting – so that you can inspect the material properly while you are hanging it and after it is in position. The cool thing is that it is re-positionable – so if something has gone slightly awry – you can sort it there and then.
Make sure that the area you are hanging the wallpaper is at least 12°C (55°F) … and as you are using an adhesive paste on the walls, make sure that there is good ventilation.

Surface Preparation:

Brush off area to be covered with a stiff bristle brush to remove all dirt and loose material.
Allow to dry thoroughly before applying the wallpaper
Any holes, cracks or defects in the surface should be filled with a good quality filler, smoothed out and allowed to dry.
Just remember … a dry surface is the right surface – so if you have to make repairs … be patient! And let it dry.

Hanging Science:

The recommended adhesive for this product is Murabond Light on an absorbent surface but a good quality  glue for paper back wallpaper will do!
Apply the glue or wallpaper paste on the back of the wallpaper and then on the wall.
Use a soft spatula to apply the wallpaper to the prepared surface using a smooth up-and-down motion. Take care not to squeeze the adhesive out at the edges.
Let the wallpaper settle for about 15 minutes before trimming the top and bottom.
Remember the panels are printed in order to overlap!

We will not accept claims where:

1. More than two lengths are hung where a defect is visible
2. Any colour changes are caused by hanging over fresh or un-neutralised plaster
3. Damage results from improper wall preparation, adhesive or hanging
4. Damage is due to faulty or careless handling, or using wrong materials.